About G2 Studios

Due to his overwhelming volume of commercial work, Principal artist / photographer Michael Gianechini, owner of G&G Studio Creations LLC. has launched G2 Studios.

Specializing in commercial photography of all kinds - including but not limited to: interior/exterior architectural photography, Industrial process photography, product photography, food & beverage photography as well as professional headshots for individuals and groups of all types of businesses.

Based out of Mars, PA, Michael and his team of photographers, videographers and makeup artists travel wherever called to meet their clients' requests.

About Michael Gianechini

Michael has been practicing the art of photography since his youth. He is inspired by his childhood, where he had the opportunity to move every year, all across America. Michael's father was a construction manager, building banks, and his mother was an interior designer, so he often enjoyed his trips to their job sites and learning about the beautiful architecture, design and everything that went into them.

The passion for photography really set in while taking a graphic design class in high school. His parents gave him their Olympus OM-1, the 35mm camera that got him into the dark room, igniting a fire in him that continues to grow today.

In the summer of 2001, Michael was invited to a photography convention in Pittsburgh held by an organization of professional leaders in the photography field, Triangle Institute of Professional Photography. By the end of that week of classes and seminars, with the help and support of a few of the industry leaders there, G&G Studio Creations was born.

G&G has become proficient in portraiture of individuals and groups in studio and on locations, photographing products, industrial processes, architecture and landscapes. They have always been known for their wedding photography which forces the artist to hone their skills in all of these categories at a high rate of speed in a high pressure situation. As Michael states “ The emotion drives the imagery. The composition, lighting and camera settings help complete the process.”

Michael's artwork can be found hanging in many Pittsburgh-based businesses, on billboards, websites, brochures, menus, magazines, business cards and vehicle wraps.

Some of those companies include:

  • Whirl Magazine
  • The Morning Glory Inn
  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Ameriprise
  • Harper & Hodge
  • Lions Gate Wealth Management
  • St. Barnabas Health System
  • St. John Specialty Care Center
  • Health Markets
  • RPM Industries